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The Hair Rescuer - Herbal Hair Growth Potion

The Hair Rescuer - Herbal Hair Growth Potion

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Embark on a transformative journey with our carefully crafted blend of botanical wonders designed to rescue your hair and stimulate growth. Immerse your strands in the luxurious embrace of Vitamin E Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Virgin Castor Oil, nurturing them from root to tip. 

Key Ingredients for Hair Wellness:

  • Rosemary Extract: Known for its invigorating properties, Rosemary Extract stimulates circulation, promoting a healthier scalp environment for optimal hair growth.

  • Sweet Neem Extract & Thyme Extract: A dynamic duo that brings a harmonious blend of antibacterial and antifungal benefits, fostering a scalp that's clean and conducive to flourishing tresses.

  • Lemongrass Extract: Packed with vitamins and minerals, Lemongrass Extract nourishes the hair follicles, promoting strength and resilience.

  • Fenugreek Seeds & Pouteria Sapota Seed Oil: A power pair that adds a dose of hydration, Fenugreek Seeds and Sapote Oil prevent hair breakage, leaving your mane with a luxurious, silky sheen.

  • Nannochloropsis Oceanica Extract: Rich in nutrients, this marine extract provides a boost of vitality, fortifying your hair with the goodness of the ocean.

🍃 Essential Oils for Holistic Hair Care:

  • Peppermint EO: Invigorates the scalp, promoting circulation and a refreshing sensation.

  • Geranium EO: Balances oil production, maintaining a harmonious environment for hair growth.

  • Eucalyptus EO: Known for its soothing properties, Eucalyptus EO ensures a calming experience while nurturing the scalp.

  • Vetiver EO: Strengthens hair roots, preventing hair fall and promoting thickness.

Advantages of the Hair Rescuer Potion:

  • Stimulates Growth: Our potion encourages natural hair growth, transforming your locks into a cascade of strength and vitality.

  • Revitalizes Scalp: A blissful blend of botanicals invigorates the scalp, creating an ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

  • Nourishes and Hydrates: From root to tip, each strand is enveloped in a nourishing embrace, preventing dryness and promoting optimal moisture balance.

  • Holistic Hair Care: Infused with a holistic blend of essential oils, our potion is a holistic solution for comprehensive hair wellness

Ingredient ListVitamin E Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Castor Oil, Rosemary Extract, Sweet Neem Extract, Thyme Extract, Lemongrass Extract, Fenugreek Seeds, Pouteria Sapota Seed Oil, Nannochloropsis Oceanica Extract, Peppermint EO, Geranium EO, Eucalyptus EO, Vetiver EO, Natural Fragrance Extract

How to use me? Gently shake bottle well before use to ensure an even distribution of ingredients. Part your dry hair into sections and spray the herbal oil directly onto your scalp, focusing on the roots. Massage from the roots to the ends of your hair. Allow the herbal oil to sit for at least one hour and proceed to wash your hair with your shampoo. Ensure you thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair for optimal results. Can be used twice weekly

This product can be used by both men & women
Net weight: 100 ml

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